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Norway is situated in the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula. It extends about 1,100 mi (1,770 km) from the North Sea along the Norwegian Sea to more than 300 mi (483 km) above the Arctic Circle, the farthest north of any European country. Norwegians, like the Danes and Swedes, are of Teutonic origin. The Norsemen, also known as Vikings, ravaged the coasts of northwest Europe from the 8th to the 11th century and were ruled by local chieftains.

Quick Facts

  • Capital: Oslo
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Currency: Norwegian Krone

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Norwegian Fjords
11 days
11 days from Oslo to Oslo

Oslo, Arendal, Kristiansand, Stavangar, Hardangerfjord......

The Scandinavian
14 days
14 days from Copenhagen to Oslo

Copenhagen, Odense, Arhus, Gothenburg, Stockholm,......

Northern Highlights & the Arctic Circle
16 days
16 days from Helsinki to Oslo

Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Sodankylä,......

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