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The Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe, which also means that its history has been everything if not peaceful. It has always been situated at the point of contention between the East and the West. The Byzantine and Roman empires once fought for the Czech lands, and not much changed until the fall of communism thirty years ago. The Gothic castle and border fortifications from World War Two are remnants of those turbulent times. Jewish monuments also have a story to tell and the best of the cultural heritage is captured by museums and open-air museums and above all the UNESCO monuments.

Quick Facts

  • Capital: Prague
  • Language: Czech
  • Currency: Czech Koruna

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Bohemian Dream
9 days
9 days from Budapest to Prague

Budapest, Esztergom, Bratislava, Vienna, Ceský Krumlov,......

Prague, Vienna & Budapest
9 days
9 days from Munich to Munich

Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg,......

Prague Vienna and Budapest
10 days
10 days from Prague to Budapest

Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Esztergom, Budapest...

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