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Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with high-rise-filled cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Tokyo, the crowded capital, is known for its neon skyscrapers and pop culture. In contrast, Kyoto offers Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, gardens and cherry blossoms. From the majestic cone of Mt Fuji, to the pine islets of Matsushima, Japan has a natural grandeur, both subtle and dramatic. The island nation has active and dormant volcanoes. The lakes, seas and the nature of changing seasons all draw visitors to these natural attractions.

Quick Facts

  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Language: Japanese
  • Currency: Japanese Yen

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Discover Japan
10 days
10 days from Tokyo to Kyoto

Tokyo, Kamakura, Mount Fuji Area, Matsumoto, Takayama,......

Discover Japan with Hiroshima
12 days
11 days from Tokyo to Hiroshima

Tokyo, Mount Fuji Area, Matsumoto, Takayoma, Shirakawa,......

Splendours of Japan
9 days
9 days from Tokyo to Kyoto

Tokyo, Lake Yamanakako, Mt. Fuji, Takyama, Gokayama,......

Splendours of Japan with Hiroshima
13 days
13 days from Tokyo to Osaka

Tokyo, Lake Yamanakako, Mt. Fuji, Takyama, Gokayama,......

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