Explore Thailand

Located at the centre of Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a magnet for all types of traveller. From kings to paupers, from travellers seeking relaxation to the thrill seekers and from beach buffs to those more historically and architecturally inclined, Thailand doesn’t disappoint. 

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Quick Facts

  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Language: Thai
  • Currency: Thai Baht

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Treasures of Thailand with Phuket
14 days
14 days from Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Sukho......

Thailand Experiences
12 days
12 days from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Ayuthaya, Phitsanulok,......

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Explore Thailand

Located at the centre of Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a magnet for all types of traveller. From kings to paupers, from travellers seeking relaxation to the thrill seekers and from beach buffs to those more historically and architecturally inclined, Thailand doesn’t disappoint. 
A land of many contrasting facets, a holiday in Thailand would never be dull. A shopper’s paradise, it is a country that has achieved modernism and yet religion plays such a vital role that the local’s daily life routine is steeped in Buddhism. The contrast that dictates Thailand is visible everywhere. There are palm fringed beaches with coral gardens and concrete jungles, mountain top temples and peaceful underground shrines. Expensive restaurants coexist alongside the roadside food stalls and huge malls as well as the night/weekend markets do equally well in Thailand.

Best Time to Visit
While Thailand is good for a year round visit, the peak season is from November to late March as there is not much rain and the temperature is also stable. Northern Province is best visited during the months of March – May and early monsoon months of June to July as the temperatures are moderate on a higher elevation. The south, being closer to the equator, has an even temperature year round thus ensuring that you can the beaches and islands while the rest of Thailand is blazing hot. If you can avoid the rainy season (July to October), it would probably be best, but if you can't, the rain isn't permanent - it comes in bursts and cools things down after it has gone!

Holidays@Leisure​ recommends..... “must see” places in Thailand.

Go on a city tour of Bangkok. You have to see the Golden Buddha at Wat Trimitr, the colossal reclining Buddha at Wat Po and the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaew. This last temple is situated on the grounds of the Grand Palace, another sight not to be missed. 

Cruise down the Chao Phraya River and explore the heritage of Ayuthaya. Once the cultural capital of Thailand, Ayuthaya was known for its artistic and cultural heritage as well as some of the important buildings that were later abandoned as Ayuthaya no longer was the capital. This cruise lets you explore all this and more while you enjoy an authentic Thai lunch/dinner on board.

Buy fresh agricultural products from the floating market near Bangkok. The floating markets are a fascinating experience, a complete contrast to how we shop normally and are made up of Thai style canoes laden with colourful and succulent fruits, vegetables, sweets and meats - gently plying their way through the canal, selling as they go. While there are several of these floating markets near Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak is the most popular floating market in Thailand.

Go shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. It is one of the largest markets in the world and you can find anything and everything here – from vintage things to pets to food items. 

Pet a tiger at the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi. Located 2 hours from Bangkok, this temple was founded as a forest temple and sanctuary to the wild animals. Get up close and personal with the tigers. Pet them, shower them and take them for a walk as a part of their morning exercise!

Walk on the famous bridge over the River Kwai. This bridge was built during the war to connect the existing Thai railway line to the Burmese Railway line to make a direct connection between Bangkok and Rangoon in order to support the Japanese occupation of Burma. Over 100,000 labourers and 12,000 POWs died during the construction of the bridge. 

See the elephants performing tricks at Maesa Elephant Camp. Located an hour away from Chiang Mai, you get to see the elephants performing tricks, go on an elephant ride and even come back with a painting painted by the elephants themselves!

Visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. Located on top of Doi Suthep, this temple has some breath-taking architecture. On reaching the top you are greeted with the sight of the golden spire which decorates the centre of the mountain top temple. The walls around the spire form a mini enclave and are richly decorated with historical murals and shrines. Here you find a beautiful copy of the Emerald Buddha statue on display. There is a beautiful 300 stair Naga stairways connecting the car park to the main temple. You can also take the lift if you do not fancy climbing all the way!

Go diving at Ko Rang near Ko Chang. By far one of the best diving places in the region, Ko Rang has some of the most pristine coral in Thailand thanks to its Marine Park status that prevents fishing.

Explore the jungles of Khao Yai National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khao Yai is Thailand’s second and one of the most visited national parks. Blessed with a lush, mountainous landscape, pounding waterfalls and rich biodiversity, Khao Yai is a year-round getaway destination just three hours’ drive from Bangkok. It is also home to a rich diversity of animal life and thousands of different types of plants.

Take a speedboat down the waters of Phang Nga Bay in Phuket. Discover spectacular limestone cliffs, lagoons, caves and tropical beaches. Explore the grotto caves and navigate the labyrinthine mangrove swamps for which the area is also famous. Do not miss out a visit to the famous James Bond Island.

Do not miss out on snacking from a roadside vendor. Some of the best taste of Thailand can be sampled at these roadside stalls. And the bonus is it’s not even that expensive!

Not to be missed is the Fantasea show in Phuket or the Siam Niramit show in Bangkok. Learn about the history and the heritage of Thailand at this Las Vegas style theatrical show, where state of the art technology and special effects enhance the grace and beauty of local myths, mysteries and magic in a wondrous extravaganza. The kids will specially love it when real elephants come bounding from amongst the viewers and get onto the set to perform.

Go on a different shopping experience. Go shopping at the night markets in various cities of Thailand. The nights being cooler than the day, it is pleasant to shop without worrying about heat and sweat. And you get some of the cutest things at these night markets. The most famous night markets are in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Islands in Southern Thailand. Go relax or get your adrenaline rushing with some water sports at any of the Islands in Southern Thailand.

Al fresco restaurant. Enjoy the view and the dinner at Sirocco, Bangkok’s most coveted dining choice and world’s highest al fresco restaurant. You get to enjoy the breath-taking view of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River while dining on a sumptuous meal made from the best ingredients.